Our Video Gallery 


Welcome ! Below, you will find some videos from past performances.

Opera in the Amphitheatre – Cooroy/Noosa, Qld
A stunning event in a lovingly built Greek-style outdoor theatre.
Performances are without amplification and feature four of Australia’s finest
soloists. Piano  accompaniment by Scottish pianist John Woods.
Limited to 500 people.

Opera in Paradise Festival in the Pacific
A truly unique festival held in a variety of island locations, including
Norfolk Island, Samoa and Tonga. Ten wonderful musicians arrive
to perform daily concerts over a week of music and convivial events.

City Hall Daytime Perforamces
An annual subscription series featuring nine differently-themed
performances, with guest artists including bass David Hibbard,
violinists and string quartets. Always sold-out and performed in
venues such as Customs House and Brisbane  City Hall
( both now not available for daytime concerts ).

Stunning Visiting Artists 
Over the years, OPERATIF has flown in some stunning artists to appear
with the regular line-up. These have included Tongan-Samoan tenor,
Benjamin Makisi ( seen above ) and brilliant Sicilian tenor Antonio Nicolosi.

Original Musical-Theatre 
OPERATIF has taken great pride in creating innovative ensemble
pieces suitable for touring, featuring all local performers. This has
included a critically-acclaimed work entitled ‘Opera – A Passionate Affair’,
which launched at the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC.